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Overdraft Protection

To protect your checking account from returned overdrafts, we offer OOPS!TM For additional details and restrictions that apply, please see the OOPS!TM Service Policy online or at your nearest branch.


How it Works

  • Eligible accounts are automatically synced to this service. There are no additional documents to fill out or sign.*
  • Upon overdraft, payments up to $600 (or $1,500 for business accounts) will be considered for automatic payment, provided your account is in good standing with more than 30 days of activity.
  • There is no cost unless OOPS!TM is actually used, in which case regular fees apply.

How it Benefits You

  • Helps you avoid expensive overdraft charges from merchants for returned checks.
  • Helps prevent the embarrassment and inconvenience of having a denied payment.
  • Qualified payments may go through without delay.

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*Customers will be notified of eligibility after a 30-day review of activity.